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Lavender Bee Farm: Gourmet Honey and Lavender
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Lavender Products from Petaluma, California

Natural, pesticide-free lavender buds, lavender smoke bundles, lavender sachets and more.

Lavender products you can enjoy and trust.

Sonoma County is known for its farms, and the best of these are the ones where the farmer in question understands and honors his relationship to the larger environment.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil
This lavender oil is aged for 18 months and is pure essential oil from the Lavender Bee Farm provence lavender fields located in Sonoma County, Petaluma, California.


This lavender oil has no additives and we offer it to you in this 1 oz. bottle. You will not find a purer oil than this, and just one drop goes a long way. Treat it like the treasure it truly is!

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At Lavender Bee Farm, we are committed to keeping our lavender farm pesticide and chemical free. It's good for the bees, it's good for our animals and it's good for us, too! Because of our environmentally-sound farming practices, you know that you can trust our lavender products for gift giving, for beautifying your home and for use in both culinary and medicinal needs. Our lavender fields are harvested by hand and the greatest care is taken in drying to preserve the natural fragrance of each lavender sprig.

Customers are reporting back to us that our dried lavender buds are proving a huge help to their migraine headaches. Cooks are getting creative with our culinary lavender. Our beautiful lavender sachets can be customized for party and wedding favors and because of the care we take, all of our dried lavender products remain smelling fresh for a long, long time. Lavender has been prized for centuries by doctors, chefs and homemakers alike. Why not add a touch of lavender to your home, grown with care here at Lavender Bee Farm?

Fresh Lavender Bunches

Fresh Lavender Bunches Available May - September only at Lavender Bee Farm in Sonoma County.
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Dried Lavender Buds

Dried Lavender Buds A growers' quantity of premium dried lavender buds.
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Dried Lavender Bunches

Dried Lavender Bunches From our Sonoma County Lavender Fields at Lavender Bee Farm.
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Culinary Lavender

Culinary Lavender Prized by chefs, our culinary lavender is pesticide and chemical free.
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Lavender Smoke Bundles

Lavender Smoke Bundles Smudge and barbeque with these natural lavender smoke bundles.
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Lavender Bouquets

Lavender Bouquets Send a dried lavender bouquet as an unique and exquisite gift.
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Purple Organza and Velvet Lavender Sachets

Purple Organza and Velvet Lavender Sachets Our exquisite purple organza and velvet lavender sachet is stuffed to bursting with eight ounces of the finest quality provence lavender buds.
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Organza Lavender Sachets

Organza Lavender Sachets Our simple organza lavender sachets are as refreshing as they are lovely.
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