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Lavender Bee Farm: Gourmet Honey and Lavender
764 Chapman Lane, Petaluma, California 94952
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Raw Honey from Petaluma, California

Unprocessed, all natural varietal raw honey from our family's lavender farm.

All of our honeys are pure, raw, nonheated. The honeys are never infused with flavorings. The special unique tastes come only from our naturally raised honey bees. Our honey can be packaged into special event jars for weddings, parties and other special events - contact us for more information!

Our Best-Selling Gourmet Honeys
This selection of honey from our farm is our best-selling gourmet honey, available year-round from the Lavender Bee Farm.

Petaluma Lavender Blossom Honey

Petaluma Lavender Blossom Honey | 9 oz. Honey Bear | 4 Jar Maximum Order
Sonoma County Harvest Fair Gold Medal Winner!


Our signature raw honey from the beehives in our lavender fields. This honey pairs well with white semi-soft cheese or blue cheese. Lightly drizzle over the cheese for a taste sensation. A little goes a long way! Read more about this honey »

Organic Honey Sticks

Organic Honey Sticks | 5 Sticks | Price: $2.00

Organic Honey Sticks are a sweet, natural treat. They make great party favors or wonderful additions to a gourmet gift basket. Our Organic Honey Sticks Honey Sticks are Kosher, and are not infused with any flavorings. Read more about our organic honey sticks »

What makes Raw Honey special?

If your only acquaintance with honey is the commercial supermarket variety, there is a whole world of tastes awaiting you. Commercial honeys are usually heat-treated, filtered, doctored with corn syrup and other sweetners and flavorings. But real raw honey comes to you just the way nature made it. Because it isn't heat-processed, the medicinal benefits of the honey remain intact, making it ideal for the natural remedies which have lately come to the forefront of alternative medical research. And when it comes to flavor, pure raw honey just can't be beat. Each of our varietal honeys dervies its special taste from the specific flowers from which the honeybees are gathering. Our wildflower honey cannot be exactly reproduced by any other apiary, because our bees live in an area which is host to a unique combination of wildflowers. Orange blossom honey is one of the most popular honey varieties in the U.S., and we so hope you will sample ours if this is a personal favorite of yours. Starthistle honey is gaining fame for its hue and sweetness and our lavender honey is slowly making a name for itself in Wine Country households and fine restuarants. We're feeling very proud this year of our one-of-a-kind Lavender Pumpkin Honey. Pumpkin patches are a big deal out here in Sonoma County, and we feel that this special honey variety captures the glory and savor of crisp autumn days in the pumpkin patch. We're eager for your feedback after you taste Lavender Bee Farm's raw honeys. Please let us know what you think and what you'd like to see us offering in the future.

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