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Lavender Bee Farm: Gourmet Honey and Lavender
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Lavender Bee Farm FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our Lavender

How many acres are planted?

How many lavender plants do you have?
Just over 5,000.

How many types of lavender do you grow?
Four - Grosso, Spanish, Provence, and English.

How long does it take for lavender to bloom?
Lavender is a fast growing plant, and usually blooms shortly after planting - between May and July, if conditions and weather are right.

What growing conditions does lavender need?
Lavender plants should be planted in mounded rows or on a sloping area because proper drainage is so important.

When do you harvest lavender?

How do you dry lavender?
We dry lavender in our barn, hanging the bunches upside-down. The area must be well ventilated and kept dark and dry for one week.

How do you cut the lavender?
We harvest by hand, using pruning shears similar to the ones used for vineyards.

How many kinds of lavender are there?
At last count, approximately 100 different varieties.

When should lavender be planted?
In our area, Northern California, optimum planting times are April or November.

When should lavender be pruned?
Lavender is trimmed into a mushroom shape each November. The plants need to be cut back about 1/3. Only the green growth is trimmed, never the woody brown part of the plant.

How long do lavender plants live and bloom?
The productive life of a lavender plant is up to 12 years.

How often should you water lavender?
Because lavender is an extremely drought-resistant plant, it only requires watering every five to ten days in the summer months.

Are there any predators that will harm lavender?
None that we are aware of - gophers and deer do not like lavender.

How long has lavender been used?
For over 2,000 years.

Who first used lavender?
The Romans and the Greeks.

What was it used for?
Lavender has been used for treating headaches, sore throats, wounds, and anxiety. The word "lavender" is, in fact, rooted in the Greek and means "to cleanse".

What are the proper growing conditions for lavender?
Lavender needs at least six hours of full sun a day for optimum growth and bloom.

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