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Culinary Lavender

Culinary Lavender

Whole Bud - 4 oz.: $10.00
Ground - 4 oz.: $12.00



Cooking with all natural, pesticide-free lavender.

Our Culinary Lavender received the Gold Ribbon at the prestigious Sonoma County Harvest Fair.


Our culinary lavender is now in new jars. The new jar offers an easier way to store with other spices and herbs. Culinary lavender can be used in place of other herbs and adds a very unique flavor to many dishes. The dried Provence lavender is ground into a medium grind that will mix well with other spices.

Our culinary lavender is produced from our naturally grown Provence lavender plants. The lavenders are grown without fertilizers or pesticides and dried without external heaters.


Our lavender acres are farmed without the use of any chemicals or pesticides, so you can feel safe and happy using it in your favorite recipes. The exquisite flavor of lavender has long been celebrated in Europe and was once beloved by our own American ancestors of the Victorian era. We are delighted to say that this majestic herb is being welcomed back to the American kitchen.


We dare you to soar to new culinary heights with lavender cookies, lavender teas, lavender vegetables and entrees. Our culinary lavender canisters come complete with a recipe card for inspiration.

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